Under Floor Heating

Hydronic underfloor heating is one of the oldest kinds of central heating and we have efficient economic solutions for new houses and as a retrofit for existing houses. Underfloor heating performs better when it installed in an insulated concrete floor to keep the thermal mass at room temperature. Our under floor system creates very comfortable and healthy, evenly rising warmth throughout the house.

Underfloor heating is installed much more quickly and efficiently in large spaces, so laying pipe in a 100 m² hall is much quicker and more straightforward than laying in tight spaces in a domestic home. Of course, in addition to the comfort and the energy efficiency benefits, one of the key reasons for the continuing growth of underfloor heating systems is that they work so effectively in partnership with low-temperature renewable heat sources.

The water circulating within an underfloor heating system is typically between 35 and 45°C, compared with a traditional temperature of 70 to 80°C for radiators, meaning that the electrical demand from the heat pump is much lower and the coefficient of performance (COP) that can be achieved is much higher.

UFH Controls:

We provide our customer with wide range of the control options ranging from simple dial type (analogue) thermostat to most advanced home automation system like Fibaro

Our control options a re tailor made to suit the property and customer needs. After understanding the customer needs and building requirements to keep the system efficiency we design the controls to provide our customer a easy and efficient control.

Home Center 2 is a brain of Fibaro System, or any Z-Wave based home automation system. Home Center 2 was designed and developed with many unique features never seen in competitive
devices.Home Center 2 redefines Z-Wave based home automation and introduces the real Home Intelligence.





Home Center 2 by Fibaro isn’t just an electronic device. It’s also well designed, innovative and user friendly interface, featuring functions never seen before.

Possibilities are endless with Fibaro. Please click this link for more product information: CLICK HERE


We can offer complete range of heat miser products to suit your control needs in you home. We will design the right controls by carefully considering you needs.


The Heatmiser neoStat offers you a smarter way to control your heating from anywhere! The neoStat communicates to the neoHub and other neoStats within your home, to create a fully controllable network system of your home heating.

Simple installation is key with Neo. neoStat has been designed to replace an existing three wire thermostat, and after joining the zone to the neoHub, remote control is possible.

The neoStat can be configured to work as a thermostat or as a timer- so if you want to take control of your towel rails, or lighting – Neo offers you this and more!

Please click this link for more product information: CLICK HERE

Installation Pictures

Bedroom UFH loop

Bed room in listed building

uhf 1

New Build House

Traditional 75mm dry screed

75mm Traditional Dry Screed

UFH heating pic 2

50mm Liquid screed