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Habanero 1800LV

With all the features that come with our classic models, our Low voltage fan convector heating product can be installed in high humidity areas such as bathrooms and en-suites. Two models in Hydronic low voltage range providing outputs of 1.8kW & 2.1kW. These models come a with simple on/off switch providing a single fan speed control and integral water temperature sensor to activate the heater when central heating system comes on. Our Ultra low power fans keep the power consumption under 4 watts/hour.

Habanero fan convectors are designed to operate with high efficiency at lower water flow temperatures than traditional radiators as they do not rely on natural convection which requires high temperatures. Using a small fan we draw air in from the top of the fan convector and across the heat exchange coil. The warm air is blown gently from the base of the unit heating the room efficiently and keeping the heat where you want it at lower level.

This model Habanero-1800LV provides the output of 1.8 kW.

Included in the package

• Heater unit with on/off switch
• Pair of 15mm compression isolation valves
• Instruction manual
• DC Power supply 

Technical Details

• DC Power supply 
• Heat output of 1800 watts @ Normal speed (Based on entering water temperature of 75°C).
• Max. Operating pressure : 6bar
• Pipe connection size: 15mm
• Warranty is 2 year parts, repair or replace the product if it is found to be defective in material or workmanship. (This warranty does not apply to damage resulting from abuse or unreasonable use or supplemental damage caused by incorrect installations).
• Running Costs can be Approx. 2 pence per week (based on 5 hours of running per day)
• Product weight 5kg
• Dimensions: 440mm x 360mm x 95mm (WxHXD)

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