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Installing the Thermix wireless plinth heater is a great choice for home owners when either replacing kitchen radiators or planning a new kitchen. Plinth heaters can not only save space, they are much cheaper to install compared to under floor heating.

Although plinth heaters are proven to be the best choice in heating the kitchen compared to radiators or UFH, in the past they lacked controllability. The only control available was by means of a simple rocker switch to turn the heater on/off manually. When a radiator was replaced with a plinth heater, people lost their control as they no longer had the benefits of a simple TRV with radiators which maintained the kitchen temperature.

Energy conscious users’ only option was to turn the plinth heater off manually to avoid over heating the kitchen during cooking periods. This in turn could leave the customer facing a cold kitchen in the morning if they forgot to turn the heater back on again. Some may have overcome this situation by installing a hardwired thermostat to control their plinth heaters but this would result in increased installation costs.

At Thermix we found a solution to overcome plinth heater controllability, giving our customers the same control as they had with the previous radiator. We have introduced the hydronic plinth heater controlled by a wireless thermostat to control the temperature of the room where the heater is installed. Our wireless models not only provide temperature control in the kitchen but also the user doesn’t need to worry about wasting energy.

Our wireless plinth heater is also available with a programmable thermostat, providing a 7-day timing facility. This allows the user to set the timing as well as the temperature.

Thermix wireless plinth heater models are available with four different heat outputs ranging from 1.5kW to 2.4 kW. Also offered are a choice of front grilles, including the popular brushed stainless steel version, and a range of powder coated options in white, silver or black. For customers who want to colour-match their plinth, there is a self-colour grille ready to paint.

Customers also have the option of choosing from a simple wireless thermostat to a smart phone controlled thermostat.  For larger kitchens multiple wireless plinth heaters can be controlled by a single thermostat.

With the help of their low water content, plinth heaters provide faster heat response and leave much less residual heat when the heater turns off. This feature not only provides comfort heating to the user but also saves energy by not heating the room when it’s not needed.

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