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Alexa controlled plinth heater

Installing the hydronic plinth heater is a great choice for home owners when either replacing kitchen radiators or planning a new kitchen. Plinth heaters can not only save space, they are much cheaper to install compared to under floor heating.

Although plinth heaters are proven to be the best choice in heating the kitchen compared to radiators or UFH, in the past they lacked the controllability. The only control available was by means of a simple rocker switch to turn the heater on/off manually. Due to the location of the plinth heater, manual operation of the switch could be challenging for people with age related conditions. At Thermix we developed a new product to overcome this problem.

With smart speakers like Amazon Alexa or Google home becoming more common place in our homes, many devices are being controlled via these. We have introduced the hydronic plinth heater controlled by a voice command or smart devices (i.e. amazon Alexa or smart phones). Our voice controlled kitchen plinth heater (Pat pending) can be connected to your Amazon Alexa or google home system to control your heater using simple voice command or operate the device remotely via Alexa App.

The app has a user-friendly interface that allows you to control multiple heaters in your system with minimal effort. Customer can also benefit with other features like sharing to other family members so they can access the same settings, timers & schedules for total convenience, the app is Amazon Alexa and Google Home compatible for hands-free voice control.

We are the first company in UK to introduce the Voice controlled plinth heater in the heating market.

Thermix Voice controlled plinth heaters models are available with four different heat outputs ranging from 1.5kW to 2.4 kW. Also offered are a choice of front grilles, including the popular brushed stainless steel version, and a range of powder coated options in white, silver or black. For customers who want to colour-match their plinth, there is a self-colour grille ready to paint.

With the help of their low water content, plinth heaters provide faster heat response and leave much less residual heat when the heater turns off. This feature not only provides comfort heating to the user but also saves energy by not heating the room when it’s not needed.

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