2020’s Best Heating Product Supplier – Essex

Following their success in the 2020 Business Elite programme – where Thermix Ltd was named “2020’s Best Heating Product Supplier- Essex” – we spoke with Operation’s Director, Andrew Rich, to find out more about their innovative products.

In Andrew’s opinion, the UK heating product industry is full of companies importing products from all around the world, “we feel that it is our British made, innovative products that have made our company stand out from the crowd which has led to our success”.

Thermix Ltd currently manufactures two plinth heater products (patent pending) in a large range of models; a wireless plinth heater and an Alexa voice controlled smart plinth heater. All the hydronic models are suitable to connect into existing central heating system and, with a maximum power consumption of only 20 watts, the running cost of these products are very low.

When we asked Andrew where these products fit into the house, he explained, “when it comes to the kitchen, every homeowner likes to have more usable space. This may be for extra kitchen cupboards or worktop areas but, if the kitchen is already full, finding that valuable extra space may prove to be difficult. Sometimes the only wall space available is where the radiator is fixed. Removing the radiator to free up space brings another challenge, there now needs to be an alternative heating option installed to heat the kitchen. Under floor heating is one option, however installing this in a finished floor involves major upheaval and is often very expensive.”

Andrew went on to explain that another drawback to under floor heating is that the heat response time is much slower than that of a radiator or plinth heater. This is because the under-floor heating has to warm the screed and flooring before the heat is able to start rising into the room.

A much simpler, cost efficient and effective solution way of adding a heating source to a kitchen is to install the hydronic plinth heater (fan- assisted radiator). As well as being a great space saver, they are also cheaper and simpler to install as you only need to extend the existing pipework slightly, provide a fused spur for power and connect the plinth heater directly to your existing heating system. This is why plinth heaters have become a great choice for homeowners when either replacing kitchen radiators or planning a new kitchen.

The wireless plinth heater (patent pending) designed and manufactured by Thermix Ltd is controlled by a wireless thermostat and, not only provides consistent temperature control in the kitchen, it also allows the user to set different on/off time periods to the plinth heater. Andrew told me, “customers also have the option of choosing either a simple wireless thermostat or a smart phone controlled thermostat. Also, for larger kitchens, it is possible for multiple wireless plinth heaters to be controlled by a single thermostat”.

Andrew continued to explain that, with smart controlled homes becoming more popular, Thermix Ltd were eager to develop the first voice-controlled plinth heater. “This patent pending model allows customers to ask Alexa to “turn the plinth heater on” which took away the need to bend down and manually switch the heater off if the kitchen was getting too warm.”

With the help of their low water content, plinth heaters provide faster heat response and leave much less residual heat when the heater turns off. This feature not only provides comfort heating to the user but also saves energy by not heating the room when not in use.

As we come to the close of the discussion, Andrew offers more insight into their future plans. “We have number of new exciting products launches that we believe will challenge and change the industry. Our new DC powered plinth heaters are likely to be the lowest power consuming plinth heating products in the UK; our R&D team are close to reducing operating power consumption to around 4-6 watts. These DC powered models would then open up our products to be usable in bathrooms, shower rooms and other high humid areas. We are excited to launch this product towards the end of the year.”

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