Thermix got patent granted

Thermix proud to announce the grant of patent for our wireless model plinth heaters from Intellectual property office.

Patent GB2560762 for the Wireless plinth heater technology to improve the energy efficiency and the better control of the room temperature where the heater is fitted.

Thermix Ltd currently manufactures range of wireless plinth heater products (patented) suitable to connect into existing central heating system and, with a maximum power consumption of only 20 watts, the running cost of these products are very low.

The wireless plinth heater (patented) designed and manufactured by Thermix Ltd is controlled by a wireless thermostat and, not only provides consistent temperature control in the kitchen, it also allows the user to set different on/off time periods to the plinth heater. Customers can have an option of choosing either a simple wireless thermostat or a smart phone controlled thermostat. Also, for larger kitchens, it is possible for multiple wireless plinth heaters to be controlled by a single thermostat”.

With the help of their low water content, plinth heaters provide faster heat response and leave much less residual heat when the heater turns off. This feature not only provides comfort heating to the user but also saves energy by not heating the room when not in use.

Please read the original IPO certificate. Click here

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